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Workflows Improvements in SharePoint 2010

Posted by Chandrasekaran C N on May 31, 2010

Hi All,

Workflows in SharePoint 2010 has been improved much and it facilitates all sorts of users to participate in implementing workflows in SharePoint 2010.

For end users/business users, Microsoft Visio 2010 offers a pre-defined template called Microsoft SharePoint workflow template, where all the necessary activities, which are also available in SharePoint Designer are populated. Using these activities business users are able to create workflow flow charts. Once done, business users export these Visio workflows and make it available for SharePoint power users.

For SharePoint Power Users, Microsoft SharePoint Designer helps to import MS Visio workflows and add logic to that workflows. One of the major improvements in SP Designer is to export the workflows as template (.wsp) and can be easily import using Visual Studio 2010.

For SharePoint Professional Developers, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 provides a sophisticated built-in SharePoint project template namely “Import SharePoint Solution Package” through which we can import the SharePoint designer workflow.

With these improvements, SharePoint 2010 collaborates all level of users (business users / Power Users / developers) and delivers the workflow solutions seamlessly.

Chandrasekaran C N


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