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VMware Player Easy Install – Windows Server 2008 R2 Installation Issue

Posted by Chandrasekaran C N on August 30, 2010


Hi All,

This post might not be related to SharePoint Server, but it is likely related to Windows Server 2008 R2 installation on virtual image. Today I decided to install SharePoint Server 2010 on the virtual machine. So, I used VMware Player 3.0 to create a new virtual image.

In VMware Player 3.0, there is an option to install guest operating system while creating a new virtual image i.e., Easy Install Option. I had given the ISO image of Windows Server 2008 R2 in the Create Virtual Image wizard and configure other necessary settings in the wizard like windows product key, user credentials, etc.,

Once all settings are completed the guest OS is started installing on the virtual image. During installation, an error occurred as shown below

UnattendedAnswerVMware displayed an alert saying that “an unattended answer file contains invalid product key and it has to be remove or enter proper product key. But, I have entered correct product key in the wizard, still VMware displayed this alert message and I could not proceed further.

Even, I tried by creating a brand new virtual image, but no luck, still I got the same alert message. So, I started google-ing and found out the solution,

The solution was we need to disable the floppy drive, since it points out a file namely “autoinst.flp” but there is no floppy drive installed on the system. So, I disabled the floppy drive and installation happened successfully.


Chandrasekaran C N


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